Find Your Calm

Nourishing Flow


Find your calm is suitable for complete beginners and appropriate for those seeking a more gentle practice. Careful instructions are given to ensure comfort and correct alignment while allowing for exploration in the movement. This style focuses on releasing everyday tension, works towards increased flexibility and strength and allows you to experience deep relaxation. 

Nourishing flow is a fun and gentle practice. It is an alignment-oriented practice that emphasizes alignment and breath while entering, holding, and leaving the posture.  This yoga flow exercises your inside too, improving functions such as digestion, detoxification, and cleansing. The class focuses on strengthening positions and flowing sequences. Available for all levels, but generally more suitable for those already familiar with yoga. Each class ends with a full body relaxation.

Heartfulness Yoga

Chair Yoga


Heartfulness Yoga is a spiritually oriented form of Hatha yoga which integrates body, mind, and spirit in the true spirit of Patanjali’s eight-fold Ashtanga Yoga path.  It is the merging of the traditional art of yoga with a modern heart-based meditative practice. Observing the connection between the stillness of the body as an aid to quietening the mind, this asana class creates a more peaceful internal condition which naturally encourages a meditative state. If you want to find out more about heartfulness visit

Chair yoga is a beautifully gentle, easy, and effortless yoga style. It is recommended for those with limited mobility who want to try yoga in a safe friendly environment. It is also suitable for people experiencing anxiety or high stress levels as total body awareness is encouraged to help promote emotional regulation and a relaxation response. As a practical alternative to traditional yoga, it deepens flexibility and strengthens personal body awareness.

Yoga Nidra

Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TSY)


Yoga nidra or yogic sleep is a state of consciousness, between waking and sleeping. While the you rest comfortably this systematic meditation aims at leaving you with a sense of wholeness. It is a complete relaxation of the body, while the mind stays awake and active. Yoga nidra helps to relieve stress, anxiety and can, if used correctly, assist recovery from post-traumatic stress disorders. It is among the deepest possible conditions of relaxation while still maintaining full consciousness.

The trauma sensitive yoga methodology is based on central components of the hatha style of yoga, where participants engage in a series of physical forms and movements. Elements of standard hatha yoga are modified to maximize experiences of empowerment and to cultivate a more positive relationship to one's body. Unlike many yoga classes, trauma sensitive yoga does not use physical hands-on adjustments to influence a participant's physical form. Rather, it presents opportunities for participants to be in charge of themselves by focusing on the felt sense of the body to inform choice-making. This allows participants to restore their connection of mind and body and cultivate a sense of agency that is often compromised as a result of trauma.   

Kids Yoga

Private Classes


Yoga classes for kids explores yoga poses, breathing exercises, visual imagery and relaxation techniques while conveying lessons in self-expression, body image, social skills, positive thinking, and environmental awareness. Children learn techniques to develop both relaxation and self-control.  Yoga for children classes teach yoga poses and breath work, using song and story to introduce mindfulness and meditation to children. Fun yoga for children classes includes cooperative yoga games, theme activities, meditation, and storytelling to engage the natural energy and enthusiasm of children. Yoga is an ancient practice that can help modern kids achieve calm and balanced minds, while they build strong and healthy bodies.

Whether you are new to yoga or have been practicing for several years private yoga classes are a great opportunity to go deeper into YOUR yoga practice. These private classes will give you an understanding of the basics of yoga, by helping you to understand how your body should feel in every pose. This helps to remove the stress often felt by beginners in yoga classes and avoids injury by teaching you correct alignment for your body. By working with you privately to develop body awareness it allows you to continue to advance your practice through group classes.

Corporate Packages

If you want to create a unique Yoga experience for your corporate team or workplace for all levels, ages, and abilities please get in touch to arrange in house classes at your workplace. Together we can work out the package and price that works best for your team.

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All pictures and videos were taken in the Carlow Mandala Yoga Studio.