Image by Nico Frey

This is

The YogiBerry


"There is no sun without shadow, and it is essential  to know the night."

- Albert Camus

When personal tragedy compelled me to investigate different approaches to healing my heart, body, mind, and spirit, outside of today’s western practices, I discovered yoga.  Awarded a master’s degree in Philosophy from Trinity College Dublin, I used my skills of investigation into the principles of being to bring together the wisdom of ancient yogic values with contemporary understandings of spirituality. With a hearty dose of loving humour, sharp wit and transcendental maturity, I venture to link Eastern and Western teachings, aiming to make the practice of yoga easily accessible and digestible to all.

Through my own experience with personal trauma I fully understand the impact unresolved trauma can have on a person’s ability to live authentically.

We live in the body and not just with the body.


This concept is a key element in my attitude to teaching all fundamentals of yoga. Through my approachable and empathic style, I create an environment of personal safety, promoting healing, self-discovery, and self-reflection. Discerning the healing potential from yoga, I am  committed to bringing more trauma informed modes of recovery into my personal and professional yogic practice by expanding my knowledge on its therapeutic elements. Thus, deepening my ability to hold the vulnerable spaces where true sovereignty can begin to manifest.

Studying Raja yoga for almost a decade allows me to naturally tie this learning with my intrapersonal awakenings, thus nurturing my strongly held belief that

every body is a yoga body.